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Yale Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld
Yale Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld

The brilliance of one professor, combined with the extraordinary talents of a small group of Yale University students, have created a force for peace unlike anything that has been seen before. This website is dedicated to memorializing their momentous efforts, even as the wheels are still in motion.

The Yale Research Categories

(In terms of the amount of business exposure in Russia)

Finalized March 31st, 2022:

Grade: A — Clean Break – Surgical Removal, Resection (Companies that are totally halting Russian engagements or completely exiting Russia.)

Grade: B — Keeping Options Open for Return (Companies that are temporarily curtailing most or nearly all operations while keeping their return options open.)

Grade: C — Reducing Current Operations  (Companies that are scaling back some significant business operations but continuing some others.)

Grade: D — Holding Off New Investments/Development (Companies that are postponing future planned investment/development/marketing while continuing substantive business.)

Grade: F — Defying Demands for Exit or Reduction of Activities  (Companies that are continuing business-as-usual in Russia.)

Since the invasion of Ukraine, many companies publicly announced they were voluntarily curtailing operations in Russia beyond the minimum legally required by international sanctions—but some companies continued to operate in Russia undeterred. A group at Yale University began tracking the responses of many corporations in Russia to give an authoritative and objective means to determine who had acted responsibly. They started out with a simple “withdraw” versus “remain” list. As the list grew, so did the categories. Their list now consists of five categories—graded on a school-style letter grade scale of “A” through “F” for the completeness of withdrawal. This dedicated group’s efforts have become a worldwide phenomenon and an entirely new mechanism for peace.

This is their story…

Thursday, February 24th, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine.

Ukrainians need help–the USA responds

4 days later the list began. “When this list was first published the week of February 28, only several dozen companies had announced their departure.”

Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld: “We got involved because we saw the initial industries courageously take a moral position–and a dramatic one–to withdraw from Russia. Then there were a lot of pretenders because the companies that were not (leaving Russia) were the consumer goods companies, packaged goods companies, food companies, apparel, and fragrance companies that usually are on the leading edge of social change. They missed the moment. Their public relations spin-meisters used their various efforts to create a smokescreen that was very troubling. That was a problem. We thought we should be an authoritative source because we have no objective, and we have no involvement with any of these particular companies. We could describe who is really doing something and who is not. In that process we ended up creating a catalytic effect of saluting the people who were the first movers although we didn’t really intend to. This gave confidence to the next group that wanted to (leave Russia) but was looking around for peer approval, peer affirmation–and then the shaming of the last group of those who were digging in their heels and were refusing to make a change.Transcribed from an interview


On March 1st, an article appeared in Fortune Magazine discussing the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s withdrawal from Russia. The article was entitled “MIT’s retreat from a Russian research partnership exposes a deeper U.S. security flaw” By Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Anjani Jain and Steven Tian.

Then on March 2nd, 2022, the Financial Times in London came out…

Western brands flee Russia in unravelling of ‘capitalistic diplomacy’

Disney, Nike, Volkswagen and others curtail business while rouble’s plunge hits shoppers.

March 3rd, 2022: Articles began at a trickle at first (compared to a month later) but they were widely read.

The Yale Newspaper started to take notice very early. “Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Connecticut state pension funds divest $220 million dollars of Russian domiciled assets.” YASH ROY 12:55 AM, MAR 03, 2022

School of Management professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld told the News that the state government was making the “correct and moral” decision by divesting and setting an example for other states as well as other investment funds. He added that he believes Yale should follow the state’s example and disclose as well as divest Russian assets that are held. 

The March 3rd, 2022 articles continue: ExxonMobil, BP and Shell are hurrying to dump Russian investments; Apple, Google and Facebook have curtailed their companies in the nation; Walt Disney and Stay Nation have scrapped movie launches and rock excursions; and clothes brands reminiscent of H&M and Nike have adopted carmakers together with Volkswagen, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz in suspending deliveries or operations.

The business world has also responded swiftly with over 100 companies having withdrawn from Russia in the past few days. Normally, fashion companies tend to lead the charge on societal issues, but in this instance, it is has been tech, entertainment, finance and heavy industry leading the way. Oil companies such as Shell and BP have severed their ties with Russian partners. Social media companies have demoted posts with links to Russian state media. Three studios (Warner Bros., Sony and Disney) have halted new film releases in Russia. Volvo and Jaguar Land Rover have also halted deliveries to Russia. Apple, whose annual net sales in Russia is more than $7 billion, is pausing the sale of products and has stopped exports into the country. Swiss banks have complied with orders from their government to disable withdrawals by Russian oligarchs. Imposition of U.S. export controls has caused HP to suspend PC shipments to Russia. Canadian miner Kinross Gold has suspended all its operations in Russia and Alcoa, the largest U.S. aluminum producer, announced it has put a halt on selling products to Russian companies and will stop the purchase of raw materials from Russia. (excerpt from the next article)


“Actions matter more than words. Companies are voting on Russia with their feet. CEOs don’t need to make public declarations; they need to get out of the market now.” Professor Sonnenfeld, 3/3/2022

Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld: “It is interesting how enthusiastically and rapidly certain companies responded. It was across industry sectors. I was surprised by who moved and in what sequence. The choreography has been surprising. To have big oil and energy companies on the frontiers of social change is not the normal pattern. And to have the controversial big tech companies engage so quickly….And to have the professional service firms who would usually want to jump off a cliff rather than engage in public conflict—actually get involved in controversy early. It was quite remarkable.

Transcribed from an interview

March 4th, 2022

NEWS AT THE TIME: On March 4th, the pressure was ramping up and companies began scrambling to decide how to respond…

The war hits ‘fast food’ in Russia: McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC and the owners of Tagliatella

The large fast-food multinationals assume the impact of the conflict on their business but, for the moment, keep their establishments open despite the sanctions against Russia— The uncertain effectiveness of sanctions on Russian oligarchs: friends of the Kremlin, football and petrorubles…At the moment, none of these multinationals is talking about ceasing their operations in Russia, as other companies linked to mass consumption have done today, such as Apple, Nike, Ikea or H&M, which are going to suspend, temporarily, its activity in that market. link to article

March 6th, 2022

Then on March 6th, 2022, the first list with 200 companies was published at Yale University.

The first published list


March 6th, 2022: The first Corporate List of Shame

It was picked up right away (March 6th, 2022) by Neal Fryman of the Morning Brew:

American companies still slinging burgers, pizza in Russia

McDonald’s in Russia

Monday, March 7:

Then an article in Fortune Magazine on March 7th, 2022 got the ball rolling by comparing this effort to the one that changed South Africa.

This effort is creating change in a way reminiscent of 1986 South Africa.


The Great Business Retreat matters in Russia today–just as it mattered in 1986 South Africa.

“If employers are concerned about the well-being of their employees. They would recognize that the average Russian citizen is in danger of being on the brink of World War Three. This is a way of making sure we’re not delivering bombs and bullets to these people but trying to use the last recourse of peaceful government change” Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld

Transcribed from an interview

EY Joins Other Big Accounting Firms Exiting Russia,” The New York Times

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More firms remove Russian securities,” Investment Executive

The list is updated continuously by Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and his team of experts, research fellows, and students at the Yale Chief Executive Leadership Institute to reflect new announcements from companies in as close to real time as possible. 

Tuesday, March 8:

The spreadsheet, compiled by Yale University professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and his research team, has become a naughty-or-nice list of sorts, with CEOs trying their best to avoid being placed on the roster of “Companies That Remain in Russia With Significant Exposure.” Washington Post 3.8.22

Yale professor lists companies not boycotting Russia: McDonald’s, Starbucks and Coca-Cola,” The Washington Post

McDonald’s closes in Russia, citing “needless human suffering” in Ukraine,” CBS News

How a San Francisco tech company is supporting its 250-plus workers in Ukraine: ‘This is personal,’” MSN

Guerre en Ukraine : McDonald’s, Starbucks et d’autres grands groupes américains se retirent de Russie,” Le Figaro (France)

McDonald’s temporarily closes all its Russia locations, joining the corporate exodus,” NPR

Following pressure, McDonald’s, Starbucks join companies suspending business in Russia,” CBC News

McDonald’s closes Russia locations as public pressure builds against companies still holding out,” Daily Kos

McDonald’s finally bows to pressure and shuts all 850 stores in Russia,” The Independent (U.K.)

These Big Companies Have Chosen to Stay in Russia,” MSN

Der Westen und die Gewalt des Büffels,” Elbe-Jeetzel-Zeitung (Germany)

McDonald’s has closed hundreds of restaurants in Russia after social media criticism and investor warnings,” Fortune

McDonald’s caves to pressure on Russia,” Russia Today

“‘There Isn’t A Both Sides Anymore:’ With Russia, Customers And Employees Demand Action From Corporations,” Forbes

‘There Isn’t A Both Sides Anymore’: With Russia, Customers And Employees Demand Action From Corporations.

March 8, 2022: A new list from Yale University’s Chief Executive Leadership Institute that’s tracking business responses finds that more than 200 corporations have curtailed their operations in Russia—as well as that some three dozen companies with significant exposure in the country haven’t yet left. Forbes Article Link

Sanctions rarely succeed alone, they need the support of the business community….Businesses care about what other businesses think of them, they care about what investors think of them, they care about what employees think of them and they certainly think about what their consumers think of them.

Professor Sonnenfeld, 3.8.22

Wednesday, March 9:

SOM professor tracks company withdrawals from Russia,” Yale Daily News

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Yale professor lists companies not boycotting Russia,”

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McDonald’s has closed hundreds of restaurants in Russia after social media criticism and investor warnings | Fortune

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Yale professor is keeping tabs on companies still operating in Russia despite Ukraine invasion — and many are now pulling out,” Dow Jones

More than 330 Western companies and corporations have so far withdrawn from Russia. Moscow, ready to nationalize some foreign companies,” Romania Journal (Romania)

Pourquoi Uniqlo et d’autres marques asiatiques hésitent à quitter la Russie,” Les Echos (France)

Adiós, McDonald’s; hola, Guerra Fría: la fuga de las marcas que anticipa la desglobalización,” La Opinión de A Coruña (Spain)

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Companies Still Doing Business With Russia Despite Public Pressure, Market Realist

Ucraina: perché le società occidentali stanno abbandonando la Russia senza troppi problem,” L’Indro (Italy)

Is Fortinet Stock a Buy Now?” The Motley Fool

Friday, March 11:

How a Yale professor’s viral list pressured companies to pull out of Russia,” The Washington Post

“‘The end of an era’: Ikea, Russia’s middle class and the new cold war,” Financial Times

U.S. pharma companies are staying in Russia as other industries exit,” Philadelphia Inquirer

Companies with CT ties reduce operations in Russia following Ukraine invasion,” CT Post

MSNBC Reports with Chris Jansing: More than 300 companies have halted business in Russia,” MSNBC

11th Hour with Stephanie Ruhle: More major companies cut ties with Russia,” MSNBC

Dunkin’, Baskin-Robbins latest to halt investments in Russia,” WBUR News

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Big Pharma won’t pull out of Russia despite Ukraine war,” New York Post

The cost of war on the food front,” Bakery and Snacks

Pfizer will not make future investments in Russia but stops short of severing all business ties, Bourla says,” Endpoints News


Can the world pressure Putin by crippling Russia’s economy?

Even before the U.S. moved on Friday to sever normal trade with Russia, sanctions were far-reaching, and the ruble’s value has plunged as a result. One estimate suggested the Russian economy may fall so steeply it will wipe out growth from the last two decades, as more companies walk away from doing business there. Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, of the Yale School of Management, joins Amna Nawaz to discuss. 03/11/2022 

Monday, March 14, 2022

Marina Ovsyannikova stormed the live broadcast of Russia’s flagship news program on March 14, 2022, to protest Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Can business blockades and sanctions pressure Putin by crippling Russia’s economy?,” PBS NewsHour

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Russia considers nationalizing foreign businesses that fled over Ukraine invasion,” The Washington Post

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Mosca minaccia multinazionali occidentali:sequestro marchi,” Periodico Daily (Italy)

Tuesday, March 15:

Companies Rush Out Of Russia Over Backlash, But A Few Remain, International Business Times

“U.S. Companies Remain in Russia as World Ramps Up Pressure on Putin,” Newsweek

China, Eyeing Taiwan, Sees Lessons in Russia’s Reckless Ukraine War,” Newsweek

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每日椽真:黑天鵝事件無礙網通升級動能?如何回應國際社會的「點名」?”DigiTimes (Taiwan)

俄烏大戰台廠掃到颱風尾?品牌遭點名不能說的秘密,”DigiTimes (Taiwan)

EDITORIAL: In wartime, ESG movement flexes its muscle,” Delaware Business Times

Wednesday, March 16:

List: Companies That Have Left — And Stayed — in Russia,” NBC4 Washington

Koch Industries stays in Russia, backs groups opposing U.S. sanctions,” CBS News

US Companies Exited Russia Amid Behind-the-Scenes Pressure from Their Employees,” Time

What did Ukraine President Zelensky ask for during his call with Congress?” PBS NewsHour

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“”Deeply Affected” Bridgestone Halts Russia Manufacturing and Export Over Ukraine War,” Auto Evolution

Cerca de 350 empresas han salido o acotado operaciones en Rusia: Yale School of Management,” El Economista

More big brands join list of 300 companies boycotting Russia alongside Spotify, Coke, Netflix and McDonald’s,” Examiner Live

Industry roundup: 16 March,” CTMfile

Thursday, March 17:

(400 Companies on The List)


The categories evolved from “Naughty” (Remain in Russia) or “Nice” (Curtailed Russian Operations) to this second but NOT final category list:

1) Withdrawing all business: 150 companies completely halting Russian engagement. 

2) Suspending Operations: 178 companies temporarily curtailing Russian operations while keeping return options open. 

3) Reducing Activities: 74 companies scaling back some but not all operations and/or delaying investments.

4) Economic Collaboration: 34 companies digging in, defying demands for exit or reduction of activities. 

(from Fortune, published 3/16/2022)

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and Steven Tian, A list of companies leaving Russia is holding those who stay accountable | Fortune

33 Companies Still Involved in Business in Russia. Yale’s Jeffrey Sonnenfeld on the “Hall of Shame.” The Smerconish Podcast, Sirius XM

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Opinion: Koch, Halliburton, Subway, others fund Putin’s Ukraine war. Boycott them.” Washington Post

Russia’s war is creating corporate winners and losers,” The Economist

Will Inflation Fix Itself?” Dealbook: New York Times

Friday, March 18:

Air Products continuing to do business in Russia despite war in Ukraine,” The Morning Call

Analysis: Western companies wrestle with Russia ‘half-exits,’” Reuters

Big Pharma’s Ethical Dilemma: Should They Keep Selling to Russia?” WIRED

Boycott Subway Calls Grow as Company Continues Doing Business in Russia,” Newsweek

Charles Koch Is Keeping His Business in Russia, Despite Zelenskyy’s Pleas,” Vanity Fair

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Will Companies Enact Courageous ESG Policies Only When It Does Not Hurt?” Forbes

Monday, March 21:

Video: US franchise owners fear boycott as other franchises continue operations in Russia,” CNN

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Connecticut’s Subway suspends new Russia investments, keeps restaurants open,” Darien Times

Halliburton, Schlumberger suspend operations in Russia,” British Herald

Huawei may support Russia, other Chinese companies chose to remain silent,” The BL

Western companies wrestle with Russia ‘half-exits,’” Financial Post

Brands leaving Russia are on the right side of history,” Independent (Ireland)

U.S. business would have to disclose ties to Russia under new bill,” New York Daily News

Russia-Ukraine War Updates: Australia Bans Exports Of Alumina, Aluminum Ores To Moscow,” Forbes Middle East

Sanctions on Russia akin to ‘economic weapons of mass destruction’, says Raghuram Rajan,” MSN

Where does the FTSE 100 stand on Russia?” Management Today

How sanctions on Russia impact Western defense companies,” Yahoo News

Halliburton US Oil Giant Stops Operations In Russia,”

Tuesday, March 22:

Many U.S. restaurant brands still operate in Russia,” Axios

Hundreds of Western companies quickly exited Russia. Why didn’t Putin see that coming?” The Washington Post

Russland und die USA: Warum sich nicht alle US-Konzerne aus dem Land zurückziehen,” Der Spiegel (Germany)

Honorarkonsul Nikolaus Knauf tritt zurück – doch der Gips-Konzern macht in Russland weiter,” Main Post (Germany)

33 Is the Loneliest Number,” The Good in Us (Mary L. Trump Substack)

Subway vows no new eateries in Russia, earns D on new Yale list,” New Haven BIZ

Should Americans boycott companies that won’t exit Russia?” CNN

Can The Russia Holdout Companies Be Shamed?” Above the Law

Civil society organisations call on exposed commercial banks to pull out of Russia,” BankTrack

Vestlige ledere viser sosial samvittighet,” NHH (Norwegian School of Economics)

Nokian si aggiunge alla lista di aziende che restano in Russia,” Milano Finanza (Italy)

Internet sanctions against Russia pose risks, challenges for businesses,” CSO Online

Leroy Merlin non lascia la Russia. Il governo ucraino: ‘Avidità disumana,’” Forbes(Italy)

Yale-professor har laget Russland-liste – 33 selskaper i ‘hall of shame,’” Finansavisen(Norway)

By March 23rd, 2022, the list had over 450 companies on it.

Wednesday, March 23:

Lush CEO Expects Its Russian Business to Run Out of Stock, Wind Down,” Wall Street Journal

Foreign businesses in China need to heed the lessons of Russian exodus,” Financial Times

Nestlé to halt sales of most brands in Russia,” Financial Times

Ukraine War and Pandemic Force Nations to Retreat From Globalization,” The New York Times

S.E.C. Climate Proposal is ‘Very Significant’ for Business,” New York Times DealBook

Editorial: Boycotting companies that keep operating in Russia is the right thing to do,” Los Angeles Times (read on Yahoo)

How Can the Business Community Help Ukraine?” USC Marshall School of Business (video)

Digitale Bomben: Der Cyberkrieg von Anonymous,” Die Presse (Germany)

Yale professor’s list sheds light on Conn. companies still in Russia,” WTNH

More Aerospace Businesses Alter Relationships With Russia,” FLYING Magazine

Ukraine-Russia War Pushes Big Pharma Into Mixed Response,” HealthLeaders  Media

What is “Good Corporate Citizenship” For Companies Operating in Russia?” Governance & Accountability Institute Inc.

Nestle Anonymous leak: Food giant denies hack, saying it accidentally dumped data itself,” Fortune

Ukraine, Disney, and the modern CEO dilemma: When to take a public stand,” Fortune

Ogromna krytyka. Nestle blokuje dodawanie komentarzy – (Poland)

Ukraine-Krieg: Diese Schweizer Firmen wollen Russland-Geschäft retten,” Watson (Switzerland)

China roept eigen bedrijven op te investeren in Rusland,” MSN (Netherlands)

Barilla kolejną firmą, która nie zamierza wycofać się z Rosji. „Jesteśmy zdruzgotani” – Zboża oleiste,” Portal Spozywczy (Poland)

Thursday, March 24:

Opinion | The Corporations Passing — and Failing — the Ukraine Morality Test,” The New York Times

Russia Remainers Say Leaving Would Hand Putin an Easy Win,” Bloomberg

The Hill’s 12:30 Report – US intensifies Russian sanctions, accepts 100K Ukrainian refugees,” The Hill

Multinationals find quickly exiting Russia isn’t so easy,” The Hill

Chinese Companies in Dilemma Over Russia,” Voice of America

From Koch to Dunkin to Halliburton: Naming and Shaming Those Still Doing Business in Russia,” The Brad Blog

Via dalla Russia? Sì, per un po’. Anzi no. Cosa fanno le società secondo Yale,” Startmagazine (Italy)

More corporations exit Russia after Yale list gains attention,” Food Business News

Russia, un mese di sanzioni occidentali. Ma il rublo si rafforza e recupera,” TG24 (Italy)

Astra Zeneca på omskriven lista – fortsatt verksamhet i Ryssland,” Realtid (Sweden

Lista marilor companii care au rămas în Rusia, deşi peste 450 s-au retras,” Adevarul (Romania)

Sanctions fatigue? US campaign leaves Western Europe cold, China hostile and India unmoved,” News9

Calhoun, Georgia-based Mohawk Industries suspends new Russian investments,” Chattanooga Times Free Press

7 Stocks to Buy Giving Russia the Cold Shoulder,” InvestorPlace

Ukraine-News: Professor teilt „Liste der Schande“ – Diese Firmen ziehen sich nicht aus Russland zurück,” Wirtschaft (Germany)

La Renault ferma la produzione in Russia, secondo mercato europeo,” Informazione (Italy)

There are some people who sympathetically say ‘the Russian general population has filtered information.’ Well, every Russian knows that too… They should be questioning the truth of what they’re being told, and if they don’t, they are willingly ignorant.

When ceasefires are openly violated by the Russians or when you have children’s hospitals being bombed, there’s no middle ground here.

Friday, March 25:

Yale professor monitoring companies still doing business in Russia ups the ante by highlighting those that are now ‘digging in,’” MarketWatch

Can The Russia Holdout Companies Be Shamed?” Dealbreaker

These Companies Haven’t Left Russia. Behind Their Decisions to Stay,” Barron’s

Coping with the Possibility of a Recession,” Advisorpedia

Guerrero, Maseca, and Mission Tortilla Brands Are ‘Defying Demands For Exit’ By Continuing to Sell in Russia,” L.A. TACO

Dilema Companiilor Occidentale. Împărțite între siguranța propriilor angajați și sancționarea Rusiei,” Capital (Romania)

Sanktionen gegen Russland: Wenn öffentlicher Druck ansteckend wirkt,” (Germany)

Wer aus Deutschland dabei ist: Grafik zeigt Rückzug: So viele Unternehmen verlassen Russland,” Nachrichten aus Rostock und Umgebung (Germany)

To familiekoncerner står isolerede i modstanden mod russisk exit,” FINANS (Denmark)

Derusyfikacja” musztardy. “Rosyjska” zniknie z półek,” (Poland)

Bojkot firm, które nie wycofały się z Rosji. Lista wstydu spowoduje, że marki stracą klientów i wizerunek?” Głos Wielkopolski (Poland)

Monday, March 28:

“We hear every day from companies that are furious (about being on the list). They’ll send us examples of threats that they’re getting from international hacker groups like Anonymous. Well, that’s not our problem. This is a choice they’ve made. And if there’s backlash from the community, they should change their position.”

Why over 450 companies have withdrawn from Russia, and why some haven’t,” Marketplace

Russian Traders File Knockoff Names After Brands Quit Russia: ‘Nezpresso,’” Newsweek

SOM professor updates viral list of Russia-affiliated companies,” Yale Daily News

Many companies cut ties with Russia,” Pensions & Investments

Credit Suisse Russia exposure: Congress opens probe into bank request to shred docs possibly related to oligarchs,” Fortune

General strike in India,” BBC Sounds (podcast interview, U.K.)

The ESG dilemma exposed by the Russia-Ukraine crisis,” Wealth Professional(Canada)

TotalEnergies, Leroy Merlin… La ‘liste noire’ qui fait trembler les entreprises en Russie,” L’Express L’Expansion (France)

ASUS boss quietly acknowledges shipments to Russia have stopped,” Taiwan News 

Guerra de Ucrania: finales posibles,” Newsweek en Espanol

Her er de virksomheder, der trækker sig ud af Rusland, nedskalerer eller sætter aktiviteter på pause,” Politiken (Denmark)

Analyse: Yale University giver Carlsberg topkarakter for at trække sig ud af Rusland, Borsen (Denmark)

Invasão da Ucrânia trouxe consequências inesperadas à Rússia. Quais foram? – Executive Digest (Portugal)

Desde Marriott Mars: grandes empresas siguen haciendo negocios Rusia,” Forbes Centroamerica

Hall of Shame: Die Firmen auf dieser Liste machen weiter Geschäfte in Russland,” Handelszeitung (Switzerland)

Why Ukraine is major moment for business, not just politics,” The Korea Times

Spotlight of Shame on Companies Sticking With Russia,” The Moscow Times

Sonnenfeld believes that the tougher daily life is for Russian citizens, the more motivated they will be to turn against President Vladimir Putin….It’s disgusting that any of these companies (that stay in Russia) try for some humanitarian or paternalistic employer arguments. It’s just because of their own greed. They should be called out and shamed for it…Companies staying “undermines the whole purpose of the economic sanctions and these voluntary business blockades. Which is not to bring comfort to the Russian population and allow them to continue to be complacent. It is to make them uncomfortable; it is to increase the sense of stress in Russian society so that they question their leadership.

Tuesday, March 29:

Why over 450 companies have withdrawn from Russia, and why some haven’t,” Marketplace

Russian Traders File Knockoff Names After Brands Quit Russia: ‘Nezpresso,’” Newsweek

SOM professor updates viral list of Russia-affiliated companies,” Yale Daily News

Many companies cut ties with Russia,” Pensions & Investments

Credit Suisse Russia exposure: Congress opens probe into bank request to shred docs possibly related to oligarchs,” Fortune

General strike in India,” BBC Sounds (podcast interview, U.K.)

The ESG dilemma exposed by the Russia-Ukraine crisis,” Wealth Professional(Canada)

TotalEnergies, Leroy Merlin… La ‘liste noire’ qui fait trembler les entreprises en Russie,” L’Express L’Expansion (France)

ASUS boss quietly acknowledges shipments to Russia have stopped,” Taiwan News 

Guerra de Ucrania: finales posibles,” Newsweek en Espanol

Her er de virksomheder, der trækker sig ud af Rusland, nedskalerer eller sætter aktiviteter på pause,” Politiken (Denmark)

Analyse: Yale University giver Carlsberg topkarakter for at trække sig ud af Rusland, Borsen (Denmark)

Invasão da Ucrânia trouxe consequências inesperadas à Rússia. Quais foram? – Executive Digest (Portugal)

“«Hall of Shame»: Die Firmen auf dieser Liste machen weiter Geschäfte in Russland,” Handelszeitung (Switzerland)

Why Ukraine is major moment for business, not just politics,” The Korea Times

Wednesday, March 30:

(Almost 500 Companies on The List)

Opinion | Koch Industries’ valentine to Vladimir Putin.,” The Washington Post

Opinion | Ukraine Made Big Tech Pick a Side — But Who Are the Losers?” The Argument, The New York Times (podcast)

FM Global, Allianz receive poor grades for Russia response,” Business Insurance

Entreprises : le casse-tête russe,” Les Echos (France)

Mit Big Data gegen Putins Krieg,” Klein Report (Switzerland)

To protect the planet, we must put the economy in its rightful place,” The Record (Canada)

Wird Corporate Activism jetzt Mainstream?” DUP UNTERNEHMER (Germany)

Tayvanlı elektronik devi Asus, Rusya’ya ürün tedarikini durdurdu,” Haber Global (Turkey)

Rusia: aprendizaje autoritario y estampida de empresas internacionales,” Opinion y Noticias (Venezuela)

Thursday, March 31:, 2022 



The Yale Research Categories (in terms of the amount of business exposure in Russia):

Grade: A — Clean Break – Surgical Removal, Resection (Companies that are totally halting Russian engagements or completely exiting Russia.)

Grade: B — Keeping Options Open for Return (Companies that are temporarily curtailing most or nearly all operations while keeping their return options open.)

Grade: C — Reducing Current Operations  (Companies that are scaling back some significant business operations but continuing some others.)

Grade: D — Holding Off New Investments/Development (Companies that are postponing future planned investment/development/marketing while continuing substantive business.)

Grade: F — Defying Demands for Exit or Reduction of Activities  (Companies that are continuing business-as-usual in Russia.)

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, “Is cancel culture coming to free trade?,” The Economist

Friday, April 1: 

(Almost 500 companies on The List)

Russia’s Manufacturing Activity Shrinks as Sanctions Over Ukraine Bite,” Wall Street Journal

Emmanuel Faber’s ISSB releases sustainability guidelines,” Financial Times

Viewpoint: Time for action on ESG,” Business Insurance

Household & Personal Products Industry Joins The War Effort In Ukraine,” HAPPI

Companies graded on Ukraine response by Yale researchers,” Fashion United

Anonymous’ next cyber target: Western companies still doing business in Russia,” Trend Fool

Bosak zaatakował Zalewską. Poszło o firmę Cersanit,” wPolityce (Poland)

appearance on Ohayo Nippon (Good Morning Japan), NHK | Japan Broadcasting Corporation

Sukhoi Superjet 100 остават без техническо обслужване и ремонт,” dnesplus (Bulgaria)

Big Pharma Grapples With Russia Boycott Push,” The Moscow Times

Zapadne tvrtke kojima su Anonymousi zaprijetili: Već smo se povukli iz Rusije,” Index (Hungary)

Ostatnia polska firma znika z rosyjskiej listy wstydu. Cersanit częściowo zrehabilitowany,” Śląski Biznes (Poland)

April 3, 2022

Yale Website April 3rd, 2022
The Corporate Wall of Shame

April 3rd, 2022: A new website appears supporting this list that provides the email contact information of the corporate executives who refuse to leave Russia: Similar to the image on the Yale webpage that features the companies that made varying efforts to leave left Russia (categories A-D), this site showcases the Corporate Wall of Shame showing the logos of the companies digging in and refusing to leave Russia (category F).

Monday, April 4:

Companies face ethical and logistical challenges to stay in Russia,” Financial Times

EU moves closer to boycott of Russian energy,” Financial Times

Why Political Risk Coverage Is Needed Now,” Insurance Journal

One Month Into War: The Economic Impact Of Ukraine-Russia War In Numbers,” Forbes Middle East

Are sanctions working?,” The Spectator (U.K.)

NET Stock Walks a Tight Line With Its Decision to Remain in Russia,” InvestorPlace

Can Russia recover from Putin’s Ukraine folly?”

Egger na liście Yale – firm, które zostały w Rosji – Debata,” Regionalny Portal Olsztyna (Poland)

Companies are paying a high price to stay in Russia,” Trend Fool

Honest advice from Ukraine to the international businesses still in Russia,”

A gyógyszer-frontján is dúl az oroszok háborúja,” (Hungary)

Cztery polskie firmy zniknęły z rosyjskiej listy wstydu,” Business Insider (Poland)

Les entreprises occidentales luttent contre les ‘demi-sorties’ de la Russie Par Reuters,” Bruxelles Marketing (Belgium)

Economists bemoan Nigeria’s insecurity level, effects on foreign investors, domestic investment,” Punch Newspapers

War in Ukraine and decoupling of globalisation,” The Royal Gazette

Xi Jinping jak Putin? Inwestycje w Chinach w cieniu wojny w Ukrainie,” WNP (Poland)

Handel w Zielonej Górze. Czy wycofanie się sieci z Rosji ma wpływ na decyzję klientów o zakupach? Tłumów nie ma, ale pustek też nie,” Gazeta Lubuska (Poland)

Wyższy podatek dla Auchan i Leroy Merlin. Ukraina wprowadziła nowe prawo,” (Poland)

Le aziende estere ancora attive in Russia,” Notizie Oggi (Italy)

Emmanuel Faber’s ISSB releases sustainability guidelines,” Reporter Wings

“’Lista wstydu’. Wśród firm nadal działających w Rosji są także te dobrze znane w Polsce,” Polskie Radio 24 (Poland)

Tuesday, April 5:

Amid Sanctions, Putin Reminds the World of His Own Economic Weapons,” The New York Times

Collaborating companies: why international business stays in Russia and how to change it” (by Yaroslav Zheleznyak, Member of Ukrainian Parliament),

Five Questions Boards Should Ask About the War in Ukraine,” Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance

No hay respuestas fáciles: la guerra de Ucrania plantea dilemas sociales y éticos a empresas e inversores,” Funds Society (Spain)

Explaining Decisions on Russia: Begin with Why and Don’t Over-Communicate,” PRNEWS (PDF)

Lenovo, Acer, Asus Flout U.S. Sanctions Against Russia: Yale Report,” CRN

Cersanit ostatecznie zamyka interesy w Rosji. “Sprzedajemy aktywa, nie chcemy być kojarzeni,” Slaskibiznes (Poland)

Ucraina ultime notizie. Zelensky all’Onu: prove certe su massacro a Bucha. Mosca: nazisti in Ucraina uccidono russi e civili,” Il Sole 24 ORE (Italy)

Some Chemical Firms Continue Business as Usual in Russia,” Powder & Bulk Solids

Famous Brands Could Face Trademark Infringement in Russia,” The Epoch Times

Dalle multinazionali, alle grandi banche: quel pezzo di Francia (e di Italia) che non vuole mollare la Russia,” City Milano News (Italy)

Wednesday, April 6:

USA TODAY April 6th, 2022 updated from March 3rd, 2022 (The March 3rd article version did not mention the list.)

Where US, allies have targeted the hundreds of sanctions against Russia

The U.S. has issued nine rounds of sanctions intended to inflict economic pain against Russia for invading Ukraine in late February.

More than 600 companies have also shut down their Russian business operations – some after facing pressure from a list created by Yale management professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld

Glaxo to Curb Drugstore Staples in Russia as It Walks Ethical Tightrope,” Wall Street Journal

What About the Western Brands Still Operating in Russia?” AdWeek

Nearly One in Five Firms Plan to Take No Stand on Russian War,” Bloomberg

Report: One of Triangle’s largest employers still operating in Russia,” Triangle Business Journal

Russian export controls tightened,” Taipei Times

Firma z Poznania przez pomyłkę trafiła na ‘listę wstydu’. Elektromontaż musiał interweniować w USA,” Poznan (Poland)

Sanktionen: Warum große Holzkonzerne Russland bislang treu bleiben,” Die Welt (Germany)

Intel Condemns + Leaves Russia Over Invasion Of Ukraine,” Tech ARP

Vállalkozás: Megfenyegette a Molt az Anonymus, mert nem távoznak Oroszországból,” HVG (Hungary)

Peste 600 de companii s-au retras din Rusia, dar atrag atenţia giganţii care rămân, printre care Auchan, Leroy Merlin, Metro şi Raiffeisen,” Spotmedia (Romania)

“‘Shooting oneself in the foot’: $4.2bn LNG project suspended in Russia’s Far East,” Global Construction Review

Las 20 grandes empresas españolas que siguen en Rusia pese a la invasión de Ucrania – Faro de Vigo (Spain)

Lenovo, Acer, et Asus continuent de commercer en Russie,” Distributique (France)

Risk Mitigation in the Age of Sanctions,” CommPRO

Le multinazionali e l’uscita dalla Russia- scelta obbligata?” (Italy)

NY Times April 7th, 2022

Thursday, April 7:

Opinion | Some of the Biggest Brands Are Leaving Russia. Others Just Can’t Quit Putin. Here’s a List,” The New York Times

A month into the war, these companies still struggle to exit Russia,” The Washington Post

Shell says exiting Russia has already cost it as much as $5 billion,” CBS News

Number of firms quitting Russia soars by the hour: Prof. Sonnenfeld,” TVP World

More companies pull out of Russia, but do these boycotts actually work? – KCBS Radio

In Russia, Gruma suspends expansion plans, marketing expenses,” Food Business News

Läkemedelsbolag kan sluta leverera till Ryssland,” Dagens PS (Sweden)

Въпреки ситуацията в Украйна: 20 големи испански компании са останали в Русия (Bulgaria)

Ce opțiuni mai are Occidentul pentru a opri barbarismele lui Putin,” (Romania)

Corning Inc. to close Russia offices, move employees,” The Leader

“„Hall of Shame“ bewertet Unternehmen nach ihrer Reaktion auf russischen Angriffskrieg in der Ukraine,” Fashion United (Germany)

Mark Ritson: Staying in Russia is a statement of support for Putin,” Marketing Week

Acerinox, Grupo Fuertes, Maxam…: la Universidad de Yale señala a las empresas españolas que siguen operando en Rusia,” Lamarea (Spain)

Zawieszenie działalności, warwashing, business as usual. Globalne korporacje w Rosji,” Klub Jagielloński (Poland)

A month into the war, dozens of companies haven’t left Russia,” Stars and Stripes

Friday, April 8:

Acerinox, Grupo Fuertes, Maxam…: la Universidad de Yale señala a las empresas españolas que siguen operando en Rusia,” La Marea (Spain)

Yale upgrades Trelleborg’s Russia response to B,” Tyrepress

Lenovo, Acer, Asus ignorano le sanzioni economiche degli Stati Uniti e continuano a vendere computer in Russia,” NotebookCheck (Italy)

Συνεχίζουν να συνεργάζονται με τη Ρωσία 149 διεθνείς εταιρείες – Ανακάμπτει το ρούβλι,” (Greece)

149 international companies continue operations with Russia,”

Bakoma przez pomyłkę znalazła się na ‘liście wstydu,’” Mleko sery (Poland)

Πόλεμος στην Ουκρανία: Ποιοι κολοσσοί εγκατέλειψαν τη Ρωσία και ποιοι όχι, Η ΚΑΘΗΜΕΡΙΝΗ,” Kathimerini (Greece)

Lista Companiilor Care încă Activează în Rusia, Realizată De Cercetători De La Yale. „Clienții Trebuie Să știe Dacă Ele Vor Sau Nu Să Oprească Atrocitățile Lui Putin,” Libertatea (Romania)

Monday, April 11: 

Over 20% of Japan’s major firms halt Russian businesses: survey,” Japan Today

No Business with the Aggressor [OPINION],” Wyborcza (Poland)

McDonald’s, icône de l’ère post-soviétique, ferme tous ses restaurants en Russie Par Reuters,” Bruxelles.Marketing

Dlaczego Bakoma znalazła się na liście wstydu? “Nie handlujemy z Rosją” – Mleko sery,” Portalspozywczy (Poland)

Civil group tells Taiwan’s ASUS, MSI not to be accomplices of Russia,” Taiwan News

Le taïwanais Acer suspend ses activités en Russie,” L’Economiste Maghrébin (Tunisia)

PC maker Acer suspends Russia business,” CRN Australia

Acer réalise un premier trimestre record et suspend ses activités en Russie,” Distributique (France)

Acer schort activiteiten in Rusland op,” Executive People (Netherlands)

Trelleborg cancella i piani d’investimento in Russia,” (Italy)

Saar-Unternehmen Globus landet auf ‘Liste der Schande,’” (Germany)

Sanzioni alla Russia: i dati rivelano la debolezza della strategia occidentale nei confronti di Putin,” The Social Post (Italy)

L’impegno delle Tech Company per l’Ucraina,” Digital360 (Italy)

Sieci handlowe, które zostały w Rosji tracą. Jest jednak jeden wyjątek,” (Poland)

Le aziende estere ancora attive in Russia,” Notizie Oggi (Italy)

Ce urmează după ce Moldova va completa chestionarul de aderare la UE,” (Moldova)

These Texas companies are pulling out of Russia — Here’s how far they’re going,” Day by Day

Tuesday, April 12:

Steven Tian on Greater Boston, April 12th, 2022

Steven Tian (CELI), “Which U.S. corporations have cut ties with Russia?” WGBH

Sanctions bite Russia, hard,” Financial Times

Russia Advances Law on Nationalizing Assets of Foreign Companies,” Wall Street Journal

Steven Tian (CELI), “Watch Bloomberg Markets: Triple Take (04/11/2022),” Bloomberg

Cremonini, Buzzi, Campari. Le italiane restano in Russia,” Benzinga Italia

Acer annonce un T1 2022 record mais suspend ses activités en Russie,” Le Monde Informatique (France)

Wegen Geschäften in Russland: Globus in "Halle der Schande" aufgenommen,” Volksfreund (Germany)

La timida fuga delle aziende italiane dalla Russia: la metà prende tempo, EU News (Italy)

Nokia joins list of tech companies leaving Russia,” Tech Monitor

Wednesday, April 13:

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and CELI researchers, “Who’s behind the School of Management’s viral corporations in Russia list?” Yale Daily News

Some 600 companies have withdrawn from Russia to some degree, Yale researchers say,” NPR

The Russian Invasion of Ukraine Has Put a Spotlight on Brand Activism,” ANA

Nokia joins list of tech companies leaving Russia,” Fuentitech

Nokia: ‘Clear’ it could not continue to operate in Russian market,” PR Week

Krieg in der Ukraine: Darf man jetzt immer noch in Russland Geschäfte machen?” Augsburger Allgemeine (Germany)

Russia, 600 aziende hanno lasciato il Paese: ecco quali sono, da Adidas alle multinazionali del petrolio,” Il Mattino (Italy)

Doen uw leveranciers nog steeds zaken in Rusland?” Executive People (Netherlands)

Tutti i difetti in e sanzioni contr’à a Russia. Rapportu Ispi,” Rivista Principià (Italy)

Expert: Sancțiunile vor încetini mașina de război, dar nu o vor distruge,” (Macedonia)

Thursday, April 14:

The congressman who took Zelensky’s plea to heart,” The Early 202 (Washington Post)

Beauty firm L’Occitane keeps Russian stores open,” BBC News

Google, JPMorgan, Other U.S. Firms Flee Russia for Dubai,” Wall Street Journal

Russian investments stop at Barry Callebaut,” Food Business News

The legal fallout from Russian aggression,” fDi Intelligence

Analysis: Russian workers face new reality as Ukraine war sanctions sap job prospects,” Reuters

Mixed Actions of Lube Suppliers in Russia,” Lubes’N’Greases

Turkish brands keen to move into Russian malls,” Hurriyet Daily News (Turkey)

Yang Lain Cabut, Ritel Kosmetik Prancis Ini Tetap Kukuh Buka Toko di Rusia,” Finance Detik (Indonesia)

Wiele firm nie chce wycofać się z Rosji! To nie tylko Leroy Merlin czy Auchan. Sprawdź, jakie marki wciąż znajdują się na liście wstydu,” Głos Szczeciński (Poland)

Le aziende estere ancora attive in Russia,” Notizie Oggi (Italy)

Immer mehr japanische Firmen gegen Putin,” Pressetex (Germany)

Monday, April 18:

Investors’ voices are missing in corporate flight from Russia,” Financial Times

Companies Size Up Their Losses on Russian Operations,” Wall Street Journal

Lack of Access Could Hinder Audits of Companies With Ties to Russia,” Wall Street Journal

L’Occitane close doors of all Russian shops in U-turn decision,” Evening Standard (U.K.)

Revealed: Hundreds of millions in UK taxpayers’ money handed to companies still operating in Russia,” Independent (U.K.)

La Universitat de Yale assenyala a dues empreses catalanes que no han abandonat Rússia,” El Gerió Digital (Spain/Catalonia)

Closed Shops, Zs, Green Ribbons: Russia’s Post-Invasion Reality,” The Moscow Times (Russia)

L’Occitane closes all shops in Russia following backlash,” The Independent (U.K.)

Ukraine war: L’Occitane U-turn as it closes Russian shops,” BBC News (U.K.)

Spy games: expulsion of diplomats shines light on Russian espionage,” The Guardian (U.K.)

Companies that refuse to exit Russia, and the evil of war,” The Straits Times” (Singapore)

Retailers keep watch on the impact from the Ukraine-Russia war,” 

Beauty chain L’Occitane in U-turn on Russian shops,” MSN

US healthcare companies are still operating in Russia — others have left altogether,” Becker’s Hospital Review

Danske Welltec kommer fri af Yales sorte Ruslands-liste,” Borsen (Germany)

Ucraina: anche le imprese ‘fanno la guerra’?” L’Indro (Italy)

Welltec kommer af med bundkarakter på global Rusland-liste,” Energiwatch (Germany)

Ukraine war: L’Occitane U-turn as it closes Russian shops,” The Frontier Post

Noile sancţiuni impuse Rusiei vor viza petrolul şi Sberbank,” Stiri (Macedonia)

Analyse-Les travailleurs russes font face à une nouvelle réalité alors que les sanctions de la guerre en Ukraine sapent les perspectives d’emploi,” Bruxelles.Marketing (Belgium)

As sanções contra a Rússia realmente funcionam?” Exame (Portugal)

FM Global stops reinsuring business in Russia,” Business Insurance

AB InBev earns ‘F’ for response to Russian invasion,” St. Louis Today

200,000 could lose their jobs as Western companies withdraw, Moscow mayor says,” NPR

Companies evaluate their financial losses as they boycott Russia,” KCBS

O cancelamento da Rússia pelo Ocidente é inédito. Será que tudo faz sentido?” Época (Portugal)

Ukraine, Call For Consumers To Stop Buying Lenovo PC’s Or Flying On Emirates,” Channel News (Australia)

Tuesday, April 19: 

German Technology Giant SAP, Previously Criticized By Zelensky, Announces Russian Exit,” Forbes

Despite Putin’s claims that the West’s ‘economic blitzkrieg strategy didn’t work,’ Moscow’s mayor says the city is about to lose 200,000 jobs,” Business Insider

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld – 4/18/22,” The Lisa Wexler Show (podcast)

Am Pranger: Welche österreichischen Unternehmen Russland nicht verlassen,” derStandard (Austria)

Yale-Liste: Welche deutschen Firmen noch in Russland aktiv sind,” Handelsblatt (Germany)

Ís­lensk fé­lög á svörtum lista,” Viðskiptablaðið (Iceland)

Russia has renewed offensive operations, says US official; Mariupol defenders hold out,” Daily Maverick (South Africa)

Russia/World: “List of Shame’ is led by AB InBev,” Inside Beer (Germany)

Global HR headlines: Russia jobless rate increases, edtech startup downsizes,” CHRO South Africa

Prefeito de Moscou estima que a cidade vai perder 200 mil empregos,” Época Negócios (Portugal)

Saarländisches Unternehmen ‘Dr. Theiss Naturwaren’ jetzt in ‘Liste der Schande,’” Sol (Germany)

Kryebashkiaku i Moskës: Qyteti është gati të humbasë rreth 200,000 vende pune,” SCAN (Albania)

Kommer af den sorte liste: Welltec drosler ned i Rusland,” Electronic Supply (Denmark)

Moskou ziet verlies 200.000 banen, terwijl Poetin zegt dat sancties fallen,” Business Insider (Netherlands)

La cancel culture s’attaque au libre-échange,” Le nouvel Economiste (France)

Sergey Sobyanin: Yüzbinlerce kişiyi bekleyen tehlike…,” Bursa Hakimiyet (Turkey)

Wednesday, April 20, 2022:

Listen to the Professor explain the list and why it makes a difference. (Boston Public Radio April 20, 2022)

At least 188,000 workers in Russia are still being paid by big Western companies, analysis finds,” Business Insider

Insurers are scrambling to update the definition of war,” Financial Times

Netflix Reels From Russia And Competition,” Forbes 

Commentary: In the crackdown on Russia, capitalism has a key role to play,” Times Union

So that Happened: Who’s Staying in Russia? Weed for Tires, STEM Challenges,” IndustryWeek

Russia-Ukraine Latest News: April 18, 2022,” Bloomberg

Netflix Reels From Russia And Competition,” Forbes

Former Top Chinese Communist Party Official Linked to Jack Ma’s Ant Group Indicted on Bribery Charges,” Lawfare

The Ukraine war reflects a new national security paradigm,” The Japan Times

Kryebashkiaku i Moskës: Qyteti është gati të humbasë 200,000 vende pune,” Fraksion (Albania)

“„Hall of Shame“: Yale-Professor bewertet Unternehmen nach Verhalten gegenüber Russland,” Wirtschaft (Germany)

Thursday, April 21: 

What the exodus of Western brands means for Russian workers,” Slate

COMMENTARY: Sabre’s Continuing Relationship With Aeroflot Should End,” Aviation Week Network

McDowell: ‘Oh, Oh Freedom, Oh, Oh Freedom,’” The Roanoke Times

Russia Response to Western Sanctions – Nationalization,” JDSupra

US Companies Reel Away from Russia and Competition,” MoneyShow

The Return of Geopolitics to Corporate Governance,” Lawson Lundell’s Business Law Blog

Russia, il 70% delle imprese italiane ha deciso di restare, Today (Italy)

Nämä jättiyhtiöt ovat keskeyttäneet toiminnan Venäjällä” (Finland)

Fürth: Simba-Dickie landet auf “Liste der Schande” – und fordert sofortige Entfernung,” inFranken (Germany)

Friday, April 22:

Budweiser Brewer Pulls Out of Russia as Multinational Companies Weigh Options,” Wall Street Journal

Koch Industries reverses course and says it will stop doing business in Russia,” CBS News

Opinion: An ‘irrational exuberance’ indicator shows the stock market is off the charts compared with the top of the internet bubble,” MarketWatch

More than 750 foreign companies left Russia,” The Saxon

More than 75% of foreign companies have closed down in Russia, but there are some that continue to operate as if nothing had happened,” SUNDRIES

Michigan plans to divest from Russia. It’s not that simple,” Fox 17

AB InBev exits Russia,” PR Week

“„Hall of Shame“: Yale-Professor verteilt Schulnoten an Unternehmen für Verhalten gegenüber Russland | Wirtschaft,” BW24 (Germany)

Njemačke tvrtke i dalje rade u Rusiji: “Dali smo obećanje svojim ruskim kupcima,” (Hungary)

Globus in der ‘Halle der Schande’ aufgenommen: So reagiert die Supermarkt-Kette,” Saarbruecker-zeitung (Germany)

Njemačke tvrtke i dalje rade u Rusiji: “Dali smo obećanje svojim ruskim kupcima,” (Bosnia)

Deutsche Unternehmen : “Business as usual” in Russland?” (Germany)

Monday, April 25:

Russia was Pepsi’s second-largest international market. What happens next now that it’s pulled out?,” CNBC

European banks face tough choice as they weigh Russia pullback,” S&P Global Market Intelligence

Which giant companies left Russia because of the current situation in Ukraine,” CEO World

Condé Nast Closes Russian Franchise and Ceases Vogue Russia Publishing,” 1851 Franchise

Handel mit Russland: Yale veröffentlicht ‘Liste der Schande,’” Frankfurter Allgemeine (Germany)

Ukraine-Krieg: Deutsche Exporte nach Russland stark eingebrochen,” Frankfurter Allgemeine (Germany)

MARK-TO-MARKET: Russia’s invasion fallout hits global economy,” Asian Polyglot View

Why Russia’s economy is holding on,” The Business Standard(Bangladesh)

Calzedonia, Cremonini, De Cecco, Geox: i 7 gruppi italiani che fanno ancora affari in Russia,” Yahoo Finance (Italy)

Война России — как санкции ломают экономику России — последние новости,” НВ (Russia)

Enginn annar kostur en að slíta við­skiptum í ljósi að­gerða Rússa,” Vísir (Iceland)

Guerra in Ucraina, da Cremonini a De Cecco, Geox, Menarini e Unicredit: ecco i gruppi che continuano a fare affari in Russia,” Il Fatto Quotidiano (Italy)

Le griffe via da Mosca: poche vetrine aperte nella città del lusso,” la Repubblica (Italy)

Krieg in der Ukraine: 7 deutsche Firmen, die weiter in Russland aktiv sind,” Basic Thinking (Germany)

Zwei Saar-Unternehmen weiter auf amerikanischer ‘Liste der Schande,’” (Germany)

La lista di proscrizione di chi fa ancora affari in Russia, aziende italiane comprese,” Editoriale Domani (Italy)

Storlandbrug i Rusland vil sætte aktiver til salg,” LandbrugsAvisen (Denmark)

Danske storbønder, der bliver i Rusland, kaldes grådige, arrogante og naïve,” Politiken (Denmark)

RUmainers: the western companies still in Russia,” bne IntelliNews (U.K.)

Tuesday, April 26:

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Steven Tian, and Steven Zaslavsky, “Opinion | Businesses that refuse to leave Russia are experiencing the greatest costs,” The Washington Post

Eurasian firms see Russia sanctions as big biz chance,” MENAFN

Western brands are quitting Russia but will it weaken Putin or just hurt Russian people?,” Creativepool

Russia sanctions: Yale professor denounces companies that cling to Russia business,” die Welt (Germany)

LISTA Ce companii au decis să rămână în Rusia,” (Romania)

Il 70% delle aziende italiane presenti non intende lasciare la Russia – Economia e Finanza,” la Repubblica (Italy)

Le sei aziende italiane che sfidano le sanzioni e restano a fare affari in Russia,” Notizie (Italy)

Angriff auf die Kornkammer,” Lebensmittel-Industrie (Germany)

Nach Kritik an Russland-Geschäft – Globus-Mitarbeiter radeln für die Ukraine,” Saarbrücker Zeitung (Germany)

APS Energia dba o bezpieczeństwo elektrowni atomowych w Rosji. Co z sankcjami?,” (Poland)

April 27, 2022

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Steven Tian, and Steven Zaslavsky, “Opinion | Businesses that refuse to leave Russia are experiencing the greatest costs,” The Washington Post
Eurasian firms see Russia sanctions as big biz chance,” MENAFN
Western brands are quitting Russia but will it weaken Putin or just hurt Russian people?,” Creativepool
Russia sanctions: Yale professor denounces companies that cling to Russia business,” die Welt (Germany)
LISTA Ce companii au decis să rămână în Rusia,” (Romania)
Il 70% delle aziende italiane presenti non intende lasciare la Russia – Economia e Finanza,” la Repubblica (Italy)
Le sei aziende italiane che sfidano le sanzioni e restano a fare affari in Russia,” Notizie (Italy)
Angriff auf die Kornkammer,” Lebensmittel-Industrie (Germany)
Nach Kritik an Russland-Geschäft – Globus-Mitarbeiter radeln für die Ukraine,” Saarbrücker Zeitung (Germany)
APS Energia dba o bezpieczeństwo elektrowni atomowych w Rosji. Co z sankcjami?,” (Poland)

April 28, 2022

Chinese drone maker DJI halts Russia and Ukraine operations,” Financial Times

 “Elon Musk as owner is a long-feared reality for Twitter employees,” The Washington Post
Rachat de Twitter par Elon Musk: vers une vague de départs des salariés?,” MSN (France)
How Disney became a target for Florida lawmakers,” The New York Times

Five Chinese Companies Have Suspended Business in Russia,” Newsweek
Renault to offload its stake in Lada maker for one rouble, Russia says,” Reuters
The Impact Of McDonald’s Pulling Out Of Russia,” CNBC
Western Employees Are Playing a Role in Companies’ Exit from Russia,” The Fashion Law
Renault will transfer AvtoVAZ stake to Russian science institute, Russia says,” Automotive News Europe
Hungarian companies doing business in Russia put on Yale’s shame list,” Daily News Hungary
‘Great resignation’ appears to be hastening the exodus of US and other Western companies from Russia,” The Conversation
The impact of the war in Ukraine has strained global semiconductor and car part chains,” IPS Journal
The Challenge of Deglobalizing Russia,” The Conference Board
DJI Stops Russian Sales to Keep Drones From Combat in Ukraine,” Gizmodo
Lista niemieckich firm działających w Rosji,” Polski Obserwator (Germany)
La comunicación ESG, valor clave en los procesos de restructuración financiera,” Merca2 (Spain)
Renault stößt Beteiligung an Lada-Hersteller Avtovaz für einen Rubel ab,” Fundscene (Germany)
Für einen Rubel verkauft: Renault stößt Anteil an Lada-Hersteller ab,” Tagesschau (Germany)
Schneider Electric wychodzi z Rosji,” CRN (Poland)
UniCredit & banche europee in balìa guerra Russia-Ucraina, l’analisi di S&P e Moody’s,” Borse (Italy)
Renault stößt Beteiligung an Lada-Hersteller Avtovaz für einen Rubel ab,” MarketScreener

April 29, 2022

Sierra Leone’s Election Conducted on Blockchain – Could This Technology Have Prevented ‘Bush v. Gore’ in 2000?,” Africazine

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Steven Tian, and Steven ZaslavskyCELI, “Businesses Staying in Russia Are Underperforming the Market,” Yale Insights

Showing how businesses staying in Russia are doing worse

Connecticut businesses are cutting ties with Russia. Can corporate governance impact Russian leadership?,” Where We Live (Connecticut Public Radio)
When a CEO becomes a war criminal,” Tampa Bay Times
What McDonald’s closures in Russia could mean for the country,” CNBC
China’s UnionPay shuns Russian banks as sanctions force caution,” Nikkei Asia
Emerging Domains of Conflict in the 21st Century,” Observer Research Foundation
Millennial pressure pushing corporates out of Russia,” Asia Times
Eurasian firms see Russia sanctions as big biz chance,” Asia Times
Chinese drone company halts sales to Russia and Ukraine,”
Russia Employment: 600,000 Jobs at Risk on Foreign Exodus, Tass Reports,” Bloomberg (also at Bloomberg Quint)
Industry Voice: Ukraine war raises social and ethical dilemmas,” Investment Week (U.K.)
Are These Global Companies On The Right Side Of History?,” Benzinga
La estrategia occidental: debilitar a Putin para que acepte un acuerdo razonable,” El País (Spain)
Renault offloads AvtoVAZ,” GoAuto (Australia)
El Grupo Renault venderá AutoVAZ a Rusia por un céntimo de euro,” Neomotor (Spain)
Ρωσία: Κίνδυνος να χαθούν 600.000 θέσεις εργασίας από τη μαζική έξοδο των εταιρειών της Δύσης | Ειδήσεις για την Οικονομία,” Newmoney (Greece)
Renault abre mão de participação na Lada por valor simbólico,” UOL Carros (Brazil)
Fürth: US-Uni stuft Simba-Dickie neu ein – nach Beschwerde zu ’Liste der Schande,’” inFranken (Germany)
Ukraine-News: Henkel, Thyssen-Krupp, Gea: Diese deutschen Unternehmen halten an Russland-Geschäft fest,” Merkur (Germany)
Guerre en Ukraine : Le leader mondial des drones quitte la Russie,” Radio Classique (France)
Ukraine war: why Russia’s economy is holding on, despite US and EU sanctions,” Australian Financial Review (Australia)
Deutsche Unternehmen : ‘Business as usual’ in Russland?,” Tagesschau (Germany)
Fürth: US-Uni stuft Simba-Dickie neu ein – nach Beschwerde zu ‘Liste der Schande,’” Infranken (Germany)
Firmy, które wciąż działają w Rosji, są jak przyjaciel, który zawiódł nasze zaufanie. ‘Konsekwencje będą poważne, nie tylko wizerunkowe,’” Wyborcza (Poland)
Ce companii își continuă activitatea în Rusia ca și cum nimic nu s-ar fi întâmplat,” (Romania)
Lista niemieckich firm działających w Rosji,” Polskiobserwator (Germany)
Wie halten Sie es mit den Sanktionen gegen Russland?,” SVZ (Germany)
Ukraine kann deutsche Waffen einkaufen,” WEKA (Germany)

Hungarian companies doing business in Russia put on Yale’s shame list,” Daily News Hungary

Ukraine-Krieg: Putin droht Ukraine mit ‘blitzschnellen’ Schlägen,” (Germany)

May 2, 2022

Romance Between Business and the Republican Party Hits the Rocks,” U.S. News & World Report
As Western social media apps leave Russia, Snap’s Zenly hangs on,” Rest of World
Mais de 750 empresas já abandonaram ou reduziram as operações na Rússia, mas algumas permanecem,” Executive Digest
Ecco le aziende italiane che lavorano a Mosca,” Il Foglio (Italy)
Stötta Ukraina genom att välja rätt läkemedel,” Läkartidningen (Sweden)
Co to jest warwashing? Wojna w Ukrainie zrodziła nowe zjawisko,” Spider’s Web (Poland)
Renault est-il en train de céder gratuitement au gouvernement de Poutine tous ses actifs en Russie (Avtovaz, Avtoframos)?,” La Tribune (France)

May 3, 2022

The Great Global Retreat,” Chief Executive

Disney’s Florida Fight Shows Why Corporate Progressivism Can’t Win,” Bloomberg

Twitter workers face a reality they’ve long feared: Elon Musk as owner,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Companies trying to exit Russia have to ‘dance with the devil,’” Financial Times
Eutelsat ignores the moral compass and continues to operate in Russia,” Communications Today
Foreign automakers press pause in Russia amid sanctions and supply shortages,” CBC News (Canada)
The fifth Chinese company to withdraw from the Russian market,” Asume Tech
Yale School Of Management: Air Serbia End Ups On The ‘List Of Shame,’” Rich TVX News
Consumers urge boycott of companies still doing business with Russia,” Euromaidan Press
Russia Ukraine war: Northland man says donating directly, avoiding Russian-affiliated companies can help,” New Zealand Herald
Ukraine-Krieg: Warum westliche Konzerne die Flucht aus Russland scheuen,” DER SPIEGEL (Germany)
Para salir de Rusia las empresas deben bailar con el diablo,” Grupo Milenio
Marki technologiczne, które wycofały się z Rosji po rozpoczęciu wojny w Ukrainie,” Benchmark (Poland)
Store danskejede landbrug vil ud af Rusland,” LandbrugsAvisen (Denmark)
Aziende italiane in Russia a rischio confische: Volodin all’attacco,” Economy Magazine (Italy)
Quali aziende globali sono dalla parte giusta della storia?,” Benzinga Italia (Italy)
I badge sono ancora in Russia nonostante la Guerra,” Technosuper (Italy)
“「撤退したくてもできない!」グローバル企業が直面したロシア撤退の現実|au Webポータル経済・,” Au One (Japan)
Occidente y su conflicto de objetivos,” Rebelion (Spain)
Slik gjør Russland det vanskelig for selskaper å forlate landet,” E24 (Norway)

May 4, 2022

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said companies that retain ties to the Russian economy are directly supporting that country’s “war machine” and called on them to exit, citing the business risks of operating there.

May 4th, 2022

The only ethical thing to do is pull out of Russia entirely. 
Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, a Yale University management professor, says that anything short of that will fail to cripple the economy and doesn’t truly condemn Russia “as a rogue nation.”
WSJ May 4, 2022

BP Takes $25.5 Billion Hit From Russia Exit,” Wall Street Journal
Hard Rock finds itself between a rock and a hard place with Russian cafes in operation,” Chicago Tribune
Who Are the Companies Operating in Russia?,” Vox Ukraine
Compliance and ethics in the age of Russian aggression,” Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics
Holcim löst sich von Fusionspartner Lafarge,” Zentralplus (Switzerland)
Корпоративна соціальна відповідальність та війна в Україні,” Громадський Простір (Ukraine)
Krigen i Ukraine: 212 internationale firmaer sortlistet,” Danwatch (Denmark)
Di listar: Största nedskrivningarna på grund av sanktionerna,” Dagens industry (Sweden)

The E.U. proposed a total ban on Russian oil, its biggest step toward supporting Ukraine and reducing reliance on Russia.
Wednesday, May 4, 2022 3:14 AM ET

May 5th, 2022

(Almost 1000 companies on The List)

The Securities and Exchange Commission has begun questioning U.S. public companies on how Russia’s war on Ukraine has affected their finances. The regulator on Tuesday urged companies to provide detailed disclosure on their exposure to Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, from business relationships to supply-chain disruptions to their investments. The SEC published a list of requests that its staff has been sending to corporate executives, an effort to compel them to provide more information to their investors. 

WSJ May 4th, 2022

Zelensky urges firms to exit Russia; British army chief criticizes Kremlin campaign,” TheWashington Post
Oil giants hit with multibillion-dollar charges for leaving Russia,” The Washington Post
How Do Companies Leaving Russia Completely Rank on the Best-Managed List?,” The Wall Street Journal
U.S. regulator asks companies about exposure to Russia’s invasion,” Reuters
Match Group defied calls to abandon Russia amid invasion. Now it’s paying,” Dallas Morning News
SEC asks companies about Russia exposure,” Business Insurance
What sanctions are being imposed on Russia over Ukraine invasion?,” BBC News (U.K.)
The Russia-Ukraine Conflict and De-globalization,” Islamabad Post (Pakistan)
Aktien: Renault-Aktie: Jetzt ist das Russland-Desaster perfekt!,” Investor Verlag (Germany)
Holder oversikt over hvilke internasjonale selskaper som ennå er aktive i Russland,” (Norway)
Még mindig több mint kétszáz cég tevékenykedik Oroszországban, köztük több magyar is,” (Hungary)

May 6th, 2022

SEC Questions Companies About Financial Impact of Russian War on Ukraine,” The Wall Street Journal

Still Doing Business in Russia? Good Luck Renewing Your Insurance,” The Wall Street Journal
Hundreds of companies have pulled out of Russia. Here’s why a rock-and-roll legend refuses to close his factory there,” Fortune
Veolia denies supporting Russian war effort,” Herts Advertiser
Russische Wirtschaft: Alles so normal hier,” Zeit Online (Germany)
La Universidad de Yale dice que Acerinox, Borges, El Pozo o Fluidra siguen haciendo negocio en Rusia,” OKdiario (Spain)
’Putyinnal szemben 22 évig csak az oroszok álltak ellen, most mégis minket tesznek felelőssé a háborúért,’” Mérce (Hungary)

May 8th, 2022

News: The Group of Seven leaders said in a joint statement on Sunday that they will reinforce Russia’s economic isolation and “elevate” a campaign against Russian elites who support President Vladimir Putin.

Link to G7 statement from the US White House

May 9th, 2022

The Cost of NOT withdrawing (The Economist, May 9th, 2022)

Ukraine War, Inflation and Covid-19 Keep CFOs on Their Toes Over Forecasts,” Wall Street Journal

How companies exiting Russia are faring,” The Economist

Fact Sheet: US and Partners Impose Severe Costs for Putin’s War Against Ukraine,” The White House 

How every investor can use their influence to drive positive change,” The CEO Magazine
Potential economic effects of an Allied trade embargo on Russia,” VOX, CEPR Policy Portal
Mavenir under fire over role in Russia,” Light Reading
Guerre en Ukraine: quelles entreprises françaises ont maintenu ou arrêté leurs activités en Russie?,” Libération (France)
Ukraine-Krieg: Warum deutsche Firmen trotzdem in Russland bleiben,” Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Switzerland)

May 10, 2022

Fund That Thrived With Founder in Russian Jail Can’t Escape War,” Bloomberg
New UK sanctions for Russia and Belarus,” BBC News
Google forced to end Play Store app sales in Russia,” Ars Technica
Russia-Ukraine conflict: Two months on, how are investors responding?,” Talkmarkets
International Law Recourse for Potential Expropriation of Foreign Assets by Russia,” Lexology
Decathlon nadrabia wizerunkowe straty. Otwiera sklep w Kijowie, w Rosji wciąż zamknięty,” Business Insider (Poland)

May 11th, 2022

Expanding Nato will deepen east-west fissure,” Financial Times
Letter: Why hasn’t Huntsman Corporation exited Russia?,” Salt Lake Tribune
To Really Hurt Russia’s Economy, Target Investment and Human Capital, Not Gas,” War on the Rocks
CCP Calls for ‘Self-Reliance’ After Seeing Sanctioning and Isolation of Russia,” The Epoch Times
En Russie, les centres commerciaux sont-ils boycottés seulement par des marques européennes?,” TF1 INFO (France)
Ukraine-Krieg zwingt Unternehmen in die Verantwortung,” (Germany)
La Universidad de Yale dice que Acerinox, Borges, El Pozo o Fluidra siguen haciendo negocio en Rusia,” OKDiario (Spain)
Es China, no Rusia,” El Correo de España (Spain)
Russland-Geschäfte: „Liste der Schande“ prangert Firmen an,” Echo Online (Germany)
Westerse exit uit Rusland lijkt vooral winterslaap,” De Tijd (Belgium)

May 13th, 2022

After Yale ‘F’ grade, Huntsman CEO defends company’s decision to remain in Russia,” KCPW
Siemens will leave Russia because of the Ukraine war,” NPR
Siemens exits Russia, saying “we condemn” attack on Ukraine,” CBS News
Siemens, Finnish utility Fortum quit Russia over Ukraine war,” Al Jazeera
German industrial giant Siemens is leaving Russia after nearly 170 years,” KUOW
There are now no UK companies operating in Russia,” Investment Monitor
AEC industry responds to Russia-Ukraine war,” American Society of Civil Engineers
Ukraine aid: 43% of Americans want companies to do as much as the U.S. government to help Kyiv,” Fortune
Companies should be guided by their purpose and values when deciding whether or not to exit Russia,” Fortune
ZTE risks penalties with ‘business as usual’ in Russia,” Light Reading
Siemens zieht sich komplett aus Russland zurück,” Der Spiegel (Germany)
Guerre en Ukraine : Auchan, Lacoste, Bonduelle… ces entreprises françaises qui poursuivent leur activité en Russie,” (France)
Auchan, Leroy Merlin… Des magasins du groupe Mulliez touchés par une frappe dans la ville d’Odessa,” BFMTV (France)

Verhaltensnoten in der Krise,” Holzkurier (Germany)

May 16th, 2022

Siemens exits Russia, saying ‘we condemn’ attack on Ukraine,” CBS News

We’ve never seen a country go backwards as quickly as Russia,” The Hill
Russia, ecco a chi costa di più uscire,” (Italy)
Fabricante de zapatos Geox suspende inversiones directas en Rusia,” Grupo Milenio (Italy)
Shoemaker Geox suspends direct investments in Russia,” RTE (Ireland)
El fabricante de zapatos Geox suspende las nuevas inversiones directas en Rusia,” Deportes (Spain)
Siemens zamyka działalność w Rosji,” CRN (Poland)
 “Why major Michigan companies are continuing operations in Russia,” Crain’s Detroit Business
Какие международные компании все еще работают в России и чем это объясняют?,” Экономическая правда (Ukraine)
Siemens, ein deutscher Industriekonzern, verlässt Russland nach rund 170 Jahren KPCC – NPR-Nachrichten für Südkalifornien,” CRN (Germany)
Siemens beendet Geschäfte in Russland,” Chemie Technik (Germany)
Siemens zieht sich aus Russland zurück,” ZDF (Germany)

May 17th, 2022

McDonald’s Exits Russia

McDonald’s to exit Russia completely,” POLITICO
The Hidden Power Of ESG – Part 2 Of 3-Part Series: Interview With The Former Finance Minister Of Ukraine,” Forbes
Factbox: Russia’s response to Western sanctions,” Reuters
We’ve never seen a country go backwards as quickly as Russia,” The Hill

How Much Money Is McDonald’s Losing in Russia?” Market Realist

McDonald’s Stock, Renault: Latest To Announce Russia Asset Sales,” Investor’s Business Daily
Russian Mining Industry Falling Into Despair,” Engineering & Mining Journal
Het kost ze miljarden, maar langer blijven is geen optie: de exodus van multinationals uit Rusland gaat door,” Het Nieuwsblad (Belgium)
Russia latest: Every company leaving Russiam,” Express (United Kingdom)
Renault vende por un rublo a Rusia su 68% de AutoVaz, fabricante de Lada,” El Mundo (Spain)
La victoria contra Putin exige una mayor ambición económica, energética y militar,” El Mundo Financiero (Spain)
KFC i Pizza Hut nie mogą wyjść z Rosji. Amrest negocjuje z właścicielem marek,” Business Insider (Poland)
Jak se obcházejí protiruské sankce? Nařízení jsou děravá, poslední slovo může mít spotřebitel,” (Czech Republic)
Te polskie firmy wciąż na liście wstydu – nie zaprzestały działań w Rosji,” INTERIA (Poland)
Έρευνα Yale: Αποχαιρετούν τη Ρωσία – Πάνω από 1.000 εταιρείες έχουν μειώσει τις δραστηριότητές τους – Ποιες ελληνικές συνεχίζουν απτόητες,” Banking News (Greece)
Mieszkańcy Wiszni Małej mówią „nie” spalarni śmieci,” Wrocław TV3 (Poland)

Siemens zamyka działalność w Rosji,” CRN (Poland)

Wegen Ukraine-Krieg: Siemens zieht sich aus Russland zurück,” ZDFheute (Germany)
Любовницы, месть и обиды Путина — Сергей Пугачёв,” Alexey Navalny official channel, YouTube

NEWS OF THE DAY: Ex-Russian colonel criticizes the country’s invasion of Ukraine on Russian state TV: “The biggest problem with our military and political situation is that we are in total geopolitical isolation. And the whole world is against us — even if we don’t want to admit it.” CNN 5.17.22 link

May 18, 2022

McDonald’s to exit Russia amid Ukraine war, seek buyer for business,” The Washington Post
Australian tech company Canva continues operating in Russia in face of Ukrainian outrage,” The Guardian (U.K.)
Under pressure, ‘soft and fluffy’ Canva takes harder line on Russia,” The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

McDonald’s selling its Russia business won’t pummel profits: analyst,” Yahoo Finance
CoolCola, Street i Fancy w Rosji zamiast Coca-Coli, Fanty i Sprite’a,” (Poland)
Quali sono le aziende italiane che ancora sono in Russia,” Money (Italy)
Exodus van multinationals uit Rusland houdt aan,” fd (Netherlands)
Sancties: tandje erbij om Poetin echt te raken,” fd (Netherlands)

May 19, 2022

Lights Out: Is there a way back for international law firms in Russia?,” American Bar Association Journal
What McDonald’s, Renault, Sweden, and Finland have in common,” The Washington Post

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May 20, 2022

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Prof. Dr. Wilfried Fuhrmann: Zum Ukraine Krieg,: Nex24 News (Germany)

IN THE NEWS: Putin backlash begins as thousands stage revolt at St Petersburg concert

5.22.22 LINK

May 23, 2022

Many foreign businesses have suspended operations in Russia, but fewer have said they are leaving the country definitively; Starbucks joined that shorter list on Monday. Mr. Zelensky said companies should shut down completely in Russia “so that your brands are not associated with war crimes,” and invited them to relocate to Ukraine.

President Zelensky May 23, 2022 New York Times link

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‘Ashamed’ Russian diplomat Boris Bondarev resigns over Putin’s ‘aggressive war’ 5/23/2022 Washington Post link

Zegna guarda al futuro con l’incognita della guerra: stop a tempo indeterminato alle spedizioni in Russia,” La Stampa (Italy)
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McDonald’s Found a Buyer for ALL its Russian Restaurants: McDonald’s joins more than 900 companies — including Ikea, Intel, Uber, Adidas and BP — that have made “principled exits” from the country, as described in a widely followed list from Yale University, in response to the war.

5.23.22 Washington Post link

May 24th, 2022

Fourth Month of the War Begins…

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Russia pronta a espropriare le aziende in fuga, nella black list anche le italiane,” Il Quotidiano del Sud (Italy)

May 25th, 2022

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May 27th, 2022

Russian Official Demands Putin End War, Gets Escorted Out of Meeting. He added, “We demand the immediate withdrawal of the troops of the Russian Federation.”

5.27.22 Newsweek link

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May 30th, 2022

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) has formally separated itself from Moscow Patriarch Kirill, a key ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, amid Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in what one analyst calls a “huge blow to Putin…The idea of Putin unifying the Russian world, including Ukraine and other post-Soviet states, hinges on the idea that Russia is the center of Christianity and the center of the unique Eurasian civilization that the Russians believe is exceptional just like Americans think America is exceptional…Once the church splits, it takes the whole divinity idea out of it…Bottom line, the split punches a hole in Putin’s narrative that the Russians and Ukrainians are spiritually and ethnically one people and therefore Ukraine should not exist as a separate country.”


May 31, 2022

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The EU will block most Russian oil imports as Hungary’s Orbán fights off a total ban

June 1st, 2022

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June 7, 2022

Companies that exited Russia after its invasion of Ukraine are being rewarded with outsize stock-market returns, Yale study finds — and those that stayed are not,” MarketWatch
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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy fields questions from U.S. corporate leaders and CEOs during the Yale CEO Summit, moderated by Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, who’s a dean and professor at the Yale School of Management and a CNBC contributor.

June 8 – June 16th, 2022

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On President Volodymyr Zelensky’s live appearance at the Yale Chief Executive Leadership Institute’s CEO Summit:

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Zelensky in the United States was awarded the ‘Leadership Legend’ award,” Mail BD

September 11, 2022



December 6th, 2022


Robb Mandelbaum

December 6, 2022 at 8:00 AM EST

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld woke up to a bit of encouraging news one day last summer: He was officially an enemy of the state. The Russian state, that is. A professor at Yale University’s School of Management, he had inserted himself into that country’s war with Ukraine by creating a global list of foreign companies that trade in Russia. Sorted by the extent to which businesses have retreated Russia since its invasion, the list assigns grades to almost 1,400 of them, from an A for complete withdrawal to an F for what Sonnenfeld calls “digging in.” His directory quickly became a cudgel against companies stubbornly holding fast and counting their rubles—and a long stick to poke the Russian bear. It’s also elevated a mild-mannered business professor famous in management circles into an unusually influential role in the campaign to bring President Vladmir Putin’s would-be resurrected Russian Empire to heel.

Now Sonnenfeld found himself among 25 American policymakers and academics added to a Russian “stop list” who are barred from entering the country. First Lady Jill Biden led the list, but Sonnenfeld notes, with a wry smile, that as the sixth name, “I’m higher than Mitch McConnell.”

Sonnenfeld is careful not to explicitly articulate a point of view on whether companies should stay in or leave Russia, but his work speaks for itself. “Our position isn’t overtly one about advocacy,” he says—just before acknowledging, with a slight laugh, that “it might subtly be so, when you’re listing companies and grading them.” In conversation, he calls the executives who’ve pulled out of Russia “courageous.”

In 45 years of investigating corporate management, Sonnenfeld has gone from observer to intermediary, bringing leaders from business, politics and other arenas together at his Chief Executive Leadership Institute and his frequent CEO conferences, for leaders in business and beyond. He convenes annual meetings for mayors and university presidents. He’s advised thousands of C-suiters over the decades across the spectrum of management challenges, yet he’s built his brand in social responsibility. After the Chinese government imprisoned journalist Rui Chenggang in 2014, Sonnenfeld pressed the dissident’s case with Chinese executives and leaders of the World Economic Forum.

“I did not know when I was in solitary confinement, or in the gulag,” says Rui, who served six-and-a-half years in prison. “But after I got back to Beijing, I learned that Jeff had the courage and integrity to demand answers on numerous occasions.”

Sonnenfeld played a pivotal role in organizing corporate CEOs to oppose Donald Trump’s attempt to claim victory in the 2020 presidential election. “I had maybe 30 CEOs trying to reach me at the same time,” he says. “Each one of them would think, ‘Well, you know, I am the CEO of the world’s second-largest media company, I think you’ll take my call’—except I had the No. 1 media company and the No. 3 already on the phone. I tried to merge them in, and I hit the limits.”

But in the days after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it was Sonnenfeld who reached out. He watched as US businesses started withdrawing from Russia and noticed an unconventional pattern. The first movers weren’t consumer brands sensitive to public sentiment but businesses with good reasons to stay—oil giants with complex local ties and huge sunk costs, tech companies wary of the political complications and professional firms that hate to offend their clients. “I just wanted to understand why they were doing it and what was likely to happen next,” he says.

After talking to a dozen CEOs, Sonnenfeld learned that professional and tech companies responded to employee pressure to take a stand over concerns about social responsibility. And oil company leaders could see starkly how their business would directly fund Putin’s war. But the execs fumed that the media hadn’t sufficiently acknowledged the difference between what they’d done and the companies that merely sent their thoughts and prayers to the Ukrainian people while clinging to the Russian market. “It’s demoralizing to the people who really put something at risk. Like, why bother?” says Sonnenfeld. “So we wanted to separate out the fraudsters.”

Sonnenfeld and his institute’s research director, a recent Yale grad named Steven Tian, immediately began sorting through the 500 largest US companies and checking for statements of intentions from those with Russian investments. “If companies said they were leaving, that was the next best thing to actually leaving,” Sonnenfeld says. “What was very damaging to Putin is the statement of disdain of companies saying, ‘We’re pulling out because of this war.’ ” It helped that Sonnenfeld, besides his expansive Rolodex, has a photographic memory and a talent for multitasking. “Even as he was teaching,” says Tian, “he literally kept on sending me emails like, ‘Do you think this company should be exiting Russia or not exiting Russia?’ ”

Around the beginning of March, just days after Russian troops poured across the border and Russian missiles assailed Ukrainian cities, Sonnenfeld posted online the first version of his list, naming a few dozen companies that had pulled out. By Sunday, March 6, the list had grown to 200 departing companies, and 30 that chose to remain in Russia. On March 7, Sonnenfeld published a commentary on that called out McDonald’s Corp. and several other prominent companies staying put—then singled out the fast-food giant again later that day in a two-minute riff on CNBC. The following day, McDonald’s announced it would temporarily close its 847 Russian locations and “pause” all operations in the country. In mid-May, it pledged to withdraw from Russia entirely, writing off about $1.3 billion in assets there.

On March 9 alone, almost 300,000 people discovered Sonnenfeld’s list. Dozens of volunteers were lining up to help him uncover foreign companies’ Russian connections: current students, graduates who’d burrowed into highly specialized sectors of finance, people he’d never met from Eastern Europe and Russia. Company insiders leaked information. The American property insurer FM Global, for one, found itself on the wrong side of the list partly because an employee sent Sonnenfeld the names of 192 of its Russian reinsurance clients.

Over the next two months, Sonnenfeld’s tally of companies went global, ballooning to more than a thousand, and became more nuanced, as Sonnenfeld realized that there were degrees to withdrawing—as well as ways to pretend to withdraw. Lawyer friends suggested that he add a “Buying Time” category for companies pledging little more than forgoing often-vague future investments in Russia, as FM Global eventually did, when it announced it would no longer write or renew reinsurance contracts for Russian insurers. (The insurer declined further comment.) In late March, when Sonnenfeld assigned the letter grades to each category, “Buying Time” became a D.

To date, the list has drawn almost 3 million unique page views—including some from C-suites. CEOs, says Sonnenfeld, like to know what other CEOs are doing; the list allows them to benchmark their actions in Russia against their peers’. Robert Zoellick, the veteran Republican economic hand and former World Bank president, says he admires Sonnenfeld’s work. “I tell business executives that they should pay attention to it—customers and employees do,” says Zoellick, now a senior counselor at global affairs consultant Brunswick Group. “I don’t know of anyone who has been critical.”

Journalists have mined the list to call attention to local companies or businesses in their trade that were persisting in Russia. Activists sympathetic to Ukraine have used the list to pressure executives at those companies.

A handful of companies have publicly challenged their place on the list. Early in April, for instance, newly anointed Hertz Global Holdings, Inc. CEO Stephen Scherr appeared on CNBC, where host Andrew Ross Sorkin asked him about Hertz’s F grade for operating at several Russian airports. Scherr disputed Sorkin’s characterization. “We have withdrawn,” he told the host, “and have not been taking reservations in Russia.”

Sonnenfeld promptly pulled Hertz from the “Digging In” category and moved it to Withdrawal, the A grade. That summer, he quietly arranged a meeting with Scherr. Sonnenfeld and his collaborators shared instances of Hertz’s former agent in Russia still using the company’s signature black-on-yellow logo and Hertz advertising on Russian websites uncovered by NewsGuard, the online misinformation tracker founded by Steven Brill and Gordon Crovitz.

Hertz spokeswoman Lauren Luster says the company had a very small presence in Russia, through a local rental car agency, before the invasion, and stopped advertising and taking reservations there on March 2. “We welcomed Mr. Sonnenfeld’s input,” she says, which “helped prevent the further, unauthorized use of the Hertz brand in Russia.”

Says Sonnenfeld: “The reason we keep turning the stone over, it has got to be right.” He claims that since the list was created, lawyers for 22 companies have sent threatening letters, but all backed down in the face of the evidence his team mustered.

In May, anticipating a different line of attack, this time from right-wing pundits who might accuse withdrawing CEOs of being “woke” at shareholders’ expense, the team began crunching numbers. They found that the markets quickly rewarded businesses announcing a Russia exit. Public companies tended to see their stock prices rise; their private counterparts paid less interest on new debt. “We had such a large database of 1,300 companies,” says Sonnenfeld, “we could show [it] without a lot of complicated statistical gymnastics. These companies made an announcement, and then right away something happened to their stock price.”

The researchers then examined the toll the business withdrawals and sanctions have taken on the Russian economy. They claim Russia’s commodity exports and imports of finished goods and components have all plummeted, devastating domestic production and consumption. Russian gas deliveries to Europe dropped by more than 60% from June 2021 to June 2022; by May, the country’s monthly motor vehicle production had fallen three-quarters from the previous May. Only a heavy-handed, and ultimately unsustainable, government intervention in the economy, they argue, has staved off complete collapse.

Today, Sonnenfeld has become a sort of unofficial ambassador for the sanctions regime. The analysis his team published in late July has been downloaded almost 100,000 times, making it the ninth most popular ever posted to SSRN, the giant academic research paper data bank, in its 28 years. Every week, Sonnenfeld accepts several invitations to speak to academic and elite economic and political organizations around the world, including the US Congress and State and Treasury Departments. In October, he hosted Volodymyr Zelenskiy at a videoconference at Yale. (This was the Ukrainian president’s second video appearance with Sonnenfeld; Zelenskiy accepted a “Legend in Leadership” award from Sonnenfeld’s institute in June.)

But Sonnenfeld has set his sights on other targets. After Saudi Arabia pushed OPEC to cut oil production in October—a move that he, like many other observers, believes is meant to prop up inefficient Russian production and prices—he began investigating US arms transfers to the kingdom. Two days after the decision, on a Friday night, Sonnenfeld persuaded Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Representative Ro Khanna of California to jointly sponsor a bill to block those transfers for a year. Although both are Democrats, the men “never had one word in common with each other,” says Sonnenfeld. “I just said, ‘Look, I think you’re both interested in the same topic here.’ ” So he merged the two of them into a conference call.

The following Tuesday, Blumenthal introduced the legislation in the Senate.

February 1st, 2023


One year into the invasion, it is time to review whether these multinational businesses are really leaving Russia as they initially pledged to do – especially in light of recent, misleading headlines suggesting these 1,000+ companies are failing to follow through and/or turning their backs on their initial pledges. But even more importantly, it is also a pivotal moment to once again call out the western companies that inexplicably remain in Russia.


FEBRUARY 17, 2023

Video of Jeffrey Sonnenfeld on MSNBC discussing the success of the LIST:

FEBRUARY 21, 2023

The Wall Street Journal puts out a YALE CORPORATE HONOR ROLL list using the names from Yale University. These are the companies that, as of this date, have stopped making a profit in Russia. (click on the image)

February 24th, 2023, ONE YEAR since Russia invaded Ukraine.

March 2, 2023

NYTimes: Leave Russia? A Year Later Many Companies Can’t, or Won’t.

When Russia invaded Ukraine, a phalanx of Western companies pledged to get out fast from what had once been an important market. McDonald’s dismantled its golden arches after 32 years. The oil giant BP moved to divest its mammoth Russian investments. The French automaker Renault sold its factories for the symbolic sum of one ruble.

But a year into the war, hundreds of Western businesses are still in Russia, including blue-chip and midsize companies from Europe and the United States. They are doing business despite Western sanctions and boisterous boycott campaigns pressed by Ukrainian officials, consumers and human rights groups.

Some companies, facing accusations that they are helping finance Russia’s aggression, say they are staying because their customers need them. Among them is Auchan, one of France’s largest supermarket chains, which has kept its 230 stores in Russia open and says it intends to stay. The retailer has drawn the ire of the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, and recently faced fresh calls for a boycott after a report that Auchan’s Russian subsidiary supplied donated food to the country’s military.

Read the entire article here. (pay wall)

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